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Lockdown training w.b. 20.04.20


Turbo Session Courtesy of TS This simple session is a take on a stage race, comprising different events. Novice athletes, younger TriStars or those looking for a shorter session can reduce stages 1 and 4 to 5 minutes, making their session 45 minutes. This session should take you around 55 minutes to complete and is broken down into 6 parts: Warm up – Stage 1: Road Race – Stage 2: Criterium – Stage 3: Individual TT Stage 4: Kermesse – Cool down. Warm up 1 minute Easy 4 minutes as 8 x 15s Easy / 15s Build Effort 5 minutes as 5 x 6s High RPM / 54s Easy 2 minutes Easy – Rolling Start Stage 1: Road Race 10 minutes at 90 rpm (5/10 effort) with 5 short intervals in 2 gears harder (max 7/10 effort) and last 30s at higher rpm (sprint finish) 2 minutes Easy – Rolling Start Stage 2: Criterium 5 minutes as 5 x 30 seconds High Cadence (110+ rpm) / 30 seconds Easy (90 rpm) 2 minutes Easy – Rolling Start Stage 3: Individual TT 3 minutes at Lower Cadence (80-90 rpm) Steady Effort (6/10 effort) 3 minutes Easy – Rolling Start Stage 4: Kermesse 10 minutes at 90 rpm (5/10 effort) with 10 short intervals in 4 gears harder out of the saddle if possible (max 7/10 effort) and last 30s at high rpm (sprint finish) Cool down 5 minutes Easy 3 minutes Stretch

Run Session 1 Thank you to Alasdair for putting this together Run Sessions designed to get you to run 5k faster This session could be done very close to your house. All you need is a bit of space and a timer of some sort. Prior to main set do the following. Will take no more than 15 minutes 3-minute warm up run at RPE 3. This to be followed by Drills:- Leg swings forward and back and side to side 10 each on both sides i.e.40 in total. Walking lunges getting good stretch x 10. Jog back and repeat. squats turning from side to side x 10 High knee walking x 10 jog back and repeat Do a series of strides 4 x 60-70m getting progressively faster You can do other dynamic drills to suit Main set lasting 30 minutes – progression from last week Run for 8 minutes at RPE 3/4. This should be a nice easy pace. Then directly into - 1-minute run @ RPE 8 followed by a 1-minute walk. Repeat this a further 6 times. Cool Down Go straight into a 8-minute run at RPE 3/4. Finish with some stretching

Run Session 2 45-60 mins 10 mins warm up jog and dynamic stretches 5 mins as 40 secs easy, 10 secs strides, 10 secs sprint. Main set 2 x 400m (quarter mile) hard (RPE 9) with 2 min rest (walk or stop) 1 mile tempo (RPE 7) Repeat 5 mins jog down

“Fun” Challenge We have now finished the skipping challenge, and move into week 3 (and final week – for now) of our planking challenge and week 2 of our wallsit challenge. Those who participated over the last two weeks will be looking to improve this week. If you started big you’ve a lot to live up to! This week’s new challenge is an upper body one: Press ups! As with all the challenges, video evidence must be submitted by sunset on Sunday for inclusion on the leaderboard (but if that doesn’t bother you just do it for your own benefit! That is the point after all). This one will be a personal one, as many (myself included) find full press ups impossible. There’s no point in beating yourself up trying to do 1 full press up and not managing it. There are lots of ways that you can build up to it and you’ll get more benefit from persevering with a type of press up you *can* do than struggling with one you can’t. Therefore the scoring system will be based both on how many you can manage and your progress and improvements over the 3 weeks. Quick summary of press ups Body position: A full press up starts in plank position. If full press-ups are easy for you, find a block and put your feet on it to raise them. 10-15cm should do it to start with, and you can make it harder with a high block as you progress. If that’s still too easy, you could try clapping. You show off. Half press up starts on your knees, but remember to keep a straight ‘plank’ line between your knees and your head, don’t hinge at your hips. If that is also still beyond you at the moment, it is fine to start against the wall, standing up, imitating the full pressup move but vertically! Arm position: The type that is commonly considered the ‘proper’ one, has your hands directly under your shoulders and sends your elbows back behind you, working your triceps. An easier version has your hands a bit wider and your elbows will go out to the side. No harm in practising both since they work slightly different groups of muscles. Ok folks, enjoy!

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