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Lockdown training week from Sally beginning 13.04.20

Good afternoon! Happy Easter Monday!

Here are this week’s training and challenges.

We have:

· Run sessions x 2

· Swim strength, no attachment, see below

· Bike sessions – 1 turbo and 1 outdoor

· ‘Fun’ challenge

· Fun challenge results so far

Run Sessions

Session 1

Run Sessions designed to get you to run 5k faster This session could be done very close to your house. All you need is a bit of space and a timer of some sort. Prior to main set do the following. Will take no more than 15 minutes 3-minute warm up run at RPE 3. This to be followed by Drills:- Leg swings forward and back and side to side 10 each on both sides i.e.40 in total. Walking lunges getting good stretch x 10. Jog back and repeat. squats turning from side to side x 10 High knee walking x 10 jog back and repeat Do a series of strides 4 x 60-70m getting progressively faster You can do other dynamic drills to suit Main set lasting 30 minutes – progression from last week Run for 9 minutes at RPE 3/4. This should be a nice easy pace. Then directly into - 1-minute run @ RPE 8 followed by a 1-minute walk. Repeat this a further 5 times which will be 12 minutes in total. Cool Down

Go straight into a 9-minute run at RPE 3/4. Finish with some stretching

Session 2

A tempo run, covering any distance you choose. The tempo pace is your goal 10k pace. 10 mins warm up – easy run, dynamic stretches, strides Main set: Pyramid of goal pace and recovery jog of 2 minutes each time 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 (repeat if you want a longer run) (So that means you do 1 min 10k goal pace 2 mins recovery jog, 2 mins 10 goal pace, 2 mins recovery jog 3 mins 10k goal pace 2mins recovery jog etc) Give yourself 5 min cool down jog at the end, and stretch off.

Bike Session 1

Turbo Session Courtesy of TS Sweetspot Session 55 mins This is work based above and below your threshold this will help to push it up as you are working just above and just below. If you know your threshold power then you can use this going 25 watts above and 25 watts. Warmup: 10 minute easy Main set (10 minutes): 1 minute at cadence 80-85 rpm / 8/10 effort (RPE – see chart below) 1 minute at cadence 80-85 rpm / 6/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 100-110 rpm / 8/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 100-110 rpm / 6/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 80-85 rpm / 8/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 80-85 rpm / 6/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 100-110 rpm / 8/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 100-110 rpm / 6/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 80-85 rpm / 8/10 effort 1 minute at cadence 80-85 rpm / 6/10 effort 5 minutes Recovery 3/10 effort Repeat x2 Cool down: Easy spin for 5- 10 minutes.

Bike Session 2

Outside Bike (assuming we are still permitted!) If you don’t have a turbo and want a structured session for some outdoor training: 60-120 minute ride - This ride can be adapted for your own preference For accurate comparison best to do a lapped course, (and also a good lockdown ride, keeping you close to home) but the structure can be applied to a longer route too. The purpose is to promote stronger finish on longer rides. Increase speed (or power/effort) every 20 minutes (or 30 minutes if your ride is longer). Can be difficult on these sorts of roads (with wind and hills) but try best. Best way to measure is power meter or heart rate monitor, but if you’re using the same laps you can use your lap times. Don’t start too fast too early! Easy spin 10 mins to finish

Swim Strength Session

Similar to last week, enjoy!

You will need a band for this. If you don’t have one, try improvising and here are some ideas:

“Fun” Challenge We are in week 3 (and final week – for now) of our skipping challenge and week 2 of our planking challenge. Those who participated over the last two weeks will be looking to improve this week. This week’s new challenge is another strength one: Wall sits! This is gonna hurt! As with all the challenges, video evidence must be submitted by sunset on Sunday for inclusion on the leaderboard (but if that doesn’t bother you just do it for your own benefit! That is the point after all). Wall sits work your core and your legs, and you’ll particularly feel it in your quads, glutes and hamstrings. It is perfect for increasing muscular endurance. Like with the planking, build up through the week, and video your evidence at the weekend as that should be your best chance of your longest effort. Start with 15 seconds, rest and repeat. If that’s easy, hold for longer, rest and repeat. What is a wall sit? Here you go – a perfect demo: To anyone new to the previous challenges: The aim of the skipping challenge is to complete as many consecutive skips as possible! Build up gradually – start with no more than 5 mins of skipping at a time, (and take breathers if you need!) and count your jumps to track your progress. Video evidence needs to be submitted for inclusion on the leaderboard. The aim of the planking challenge is to hold a plank for as long as possible and you have a week to prep for your challenge video. (Don’t try and hold your longest ever plank on day one, that’s an excellent way to injure yourself. Practice and build up.) Video yourself so we can see both the time and the quality of the plank. You may choose your style of plank. So I would suggest that you practice planking every day this week to build your strength and your control, and video your submission attempt at the end of the week (if you wish to be included on the leaderboard). If you’re new to it, try 10 secs and build up from that, or try doing 60 seconds but drop to your knees for a little rest every 10 secs or so then go back into it. I would also suggest videoing your practices or doing it in front of a mirror so that you can review your position and improve it if necessary. Generally planking on your hands is easier and on your elbows is harder, so you can choose! But either way, make sure you’re not sticking your bum in the sky or letting yourself dip like a banana. Ok folks, enjoy!

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